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Pierogi, potato pancakes or Polish sausage hot dogs - you name it - we have the best of Polish cuisine street food style!


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Street food at its best

The happiest time of the week - the weekend - is approaching and here we are presenting you with the best of Polish street food you can get in the British outdoor markets and events! Come and find our gazebo or food stall at one of your local specialist markets or even at a private party or corporate event, wedding, birthday party or a food festival and try some of our tasty Polish food specials.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Polish sausage

Polish sausage

XXL hot-dog

Fried pierogi

Crunchy filled pasta


Shoulder steak skewers
beetroot soup


Spiced beetroot soup


Fried filled pancakes


Traditional handmade Polish pasta pockets (dumplings) stuffed with various savoury or sweet fillings. Pierogi (or pierogis, pierogi's) are traditionally served boiled in water and served sprinkled with fried onions, smoked bacon or, best. both mixed together.
Our street version of pierogi is served deep fried with a choice of several add-ons to choose from: fried onions, smoked bacon, beetroot crush and soured cream. The most popular filling varieties we offer are meat (mixture of pork and beef), sauerkraut and mushrooms (traditional Christmas dish) and potato, white cheese and onions (Russian/Ukrainian style).

All our pierogis are made by hand by our experienced chefs to bring you the most genuine culinary experience possible.


What is so special about Polish sausage you ask? In our minds (eyes and taste buds too) - everything.

Polish meats are traditionally smoked which gives them the characteristic taste and differentiates them from other types of food processing techniques. Our sausages have been specifically selected for their high meat content (at least 92%), large meat chunks and mixture of herbs and spices. They are 100% produced in Poland too.
During events we recreate the tastes of our childhoods as closely as possible - the sausages were then roasted on a stick over fire and consumed with fresh sourdough bread and mustard. Today we offer carefully selected Polish grilled sausage served as an XXL hot dog with a choice of sauered gherkin, fried onions, ketchup and mustard.

3. "PLATZKI" potato pancakes

The "platzki" potato pancakes make a great vegetarian option for those who choose not to eat meat. They are made of shredded potatoes with added herbs and spices and with all other traditional ingredients they are fried in oil on a plancha grille.
Our speciality is a potato pancake with sauerkraut - a healthy version of this tasty Polish classic suitable for those who want to watch their weight while enjoying naughty street food goodies.

Platzki come with a small green salad and optional soured cream, beetroot crush or fried onions.

4. "KROKIETY" croquettes

This well-known Polish delicacy is made of pancakes stuffed with filling (meat or sauerkraut & mushrooms) and then breaded and deep fried on request. The "Krokiety" croquettes make a nice snack or meal on their own but can also be served with beetroot soup.

We offer two versions: meat (stuffed with a mixture of pork and beef meat with spices, herbs and onions) and vegetarian ones stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms. The latter are traditionally consumed during Christmas in Poland, however they can also be found on the menu throughout the year.


Shashliks (szaszłyk) are essentially skewers made with pork shoulder meat, smoked bacon slices and lots of onions. They are often found presented as a fixed menu item at numerous roadside food shacks (also called bars) in Poland.
If you have never travelled Polish roads and did not have a chance to try these we bring the genuine Polish shashlik to you right here at your doorstep!

In line with the Polish tradition we too serve the shashlik with sourdough bread, sauered gherkin and optional ketchup and mustard.

6. BARSZCZ" Polish beetroot soup

There are several versions of "barszcz" beetroot soup found in the Polish cuisine and the one we offer is the traditional spiced clear one. It is made with smoked meat broth and lots of beetroots that give the soup the characteristic purple colour.

Barszcz tastes great on its own but it is also often consumed together with krokiety (specially the meat ones) by drinking the soup and taking a bite of the croquette in turns.

The clear version of this soup is often included in the menus of many New Year's Eve parties.

Polish street food

Our Polish food has quickly found its place amongst other ever-popular UK artisan street food options and we now regularly travel the country to serve the best of what Polish street food has to offer to artisan and specialist market-goers in Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside, and the whole UK.

You can meet us at several artisan markets, maker's markets, Christmas markets, foodie Fridays, food festivals and other popular food and music events taking place throughout the year.

Please contact us by phone or through the booking form above to check our availability and to book us for your next event. Thank you!

fried pierogi


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