How to organize a mini street food festival in your community pub

Street food festivals have been very popular in UK for some time now and with proper timing you too can get a lucky streak of nice weather on your side to have a taste of street food and festival atmosphere without leaving your town

Street food festival for local community

With the economy slowly recovering from the pandemic it is no wonder that people want to get back to being social again. Everyone loves and meeting with their family and friends.

Having this in mind, we help people like you to make it happen by offering support, advice, and experience in organising and executing events, sometimes in places one would think not possible!  

street food burger

Our proven mini-festival solution can be tailor-made to your requirements and to accommodate all specifics relating to your location, facilities, community expectations and preferences. We work with venues of all sizes! Our street food festival teams have organised and paticipated in events involving as little as 50 people. Many of the events we get involved in run regularly throughout the year both as indoor and outdoor versions.

Our experienced team of event organisers will take care of all formalities for you so you can focus on providing great customer service and fine beer and drinks to festival attendees.

street food hotdogs

Moreover, it is of utmost importance to make sure that we (the event organizer) comply with all regulations and requirements for events. Our experienced team can arrange all formalities (such as TEN licence, risk assessments, logistics) on your behalf.

The following is an example list of providers and attractions we can include in the street food festival event:

1. Caterers

Whether you have a car park big enough to accommodate a whole food truck/burger van or a tiny spot just right for a food stall gazebo we will provide a caterer who ticks all the boxes. There is a wide choice of street food available on offer! Starting from gourmet burgers, smoked sausage hot-dogs, through chicken skewers, pizza, fish & chips, burritos to Polish Street Food, or Indian curry just to name a few most popular choices.

2. Live bands/DJs

What kind of festival would it be without music? Live music bands and DJ can be selected accordingly to fit in with your preferred style and theme. There are always local bands (playing rock, pop, indie, etc.) and DJs looking for gigs.

3. Funfair style games

Forget the usual pub quizzes and bingo! With a great selection of outdoor games such as mini-golf, various target throwing competitions, oversize darts or chess, and other entertaining games sets we mean business and great fun!

4. Site decorations / props

Each event is different and each one will require individual approach in terms of decorations. To create a desired atmosphere you can select from a wide range of lights, wall decorations, table and chair covers and many more, all included in a single package customised for your event.

If you are a pub landlord or a venue operator, we would love to hear from you! We offer a tailor-made street food festival solution to boost your presence in the community. We will make you stand out from the crowd by offering something different!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your event a great success!

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